With the intention of catering into the emerging needs of the customers, the environmental issues, speedily declining natural resources and technology, SMI Engineering Company is in the process of developing latest trends in the engineering field. The company strives to provide their best to the emerging requirements of the research and development in the construction industry and endeavours to administer diverse of Design and Build contract from the sources the company possesses internally in addition to the external engineering design business partners.

The revolutions that occurred in the industrial field and in the scientific spheres allowed the development of the construction industry and paved way to new approaches in the building systems and the mechanisms that were limited only to the minds of people. With this, arose the formal and specialized modern engineering profession allowing more acute and cost effective designs.

SMI Engineering Company adopts these new approaches when carrying out the engineering solutions they provide the customers. The construction solutions provided by the company are wide spread from precise detailing, construction drawings, development method statements and complete project management services.