We at SMI Engineering believe in the significance and neediness to meet client satisfaction in all our delivered projects and products. Our quality-based management system and its continual improvement are aimed at following key areas focus at all process developments as in ISO 9001: 2015;

  • To provide the most appropriate solutions to Clients, through assessment of their needs and demands, and consultation
  • To conform to every valid standard within the context of project/ product at the maximum level; contract agreement conditions and related industrial standards depending on the project/ product scope, where applicable
  • To conform all related legal and regulatory requirements
  • To improve and promote human capital through staff trainings and development programs
  • To transfer successively company corporate culture and values to its employees.
  • To create permanent relations with subcontractors, suppliers and project partners based on good intentions and trust, and accordingly to contribute also to their progress within the sector.



Workplace-Safety (1)At SMI Engineering all activities are executed at all times in such a way as to ensure, the health, safety and welfare of all persons likely to be affected, including employees, sub-contractors, visitors to site and members of the public.

In-line with such approach the company concentrates. on following activities as far as it is reasonably practicable;

  • A “safe to work” environment at work
  • Systems of work which are safe and without risks to health
  • General training in health and safety.
  • Warning and Caution signs to inform the risks within the site
  • Specific orientation/ knowledge sharing in safe working procedures, the operation of plant and machinery and accident prevention;
  • Improved employees’ awareness of personal protective clothing and equipment appropriate to the job in hand.
  • Guidance on what to do in the event of an emergency and on-site first-aid provision
  • An officer to administer the safety proceedings in a work area


Protect_environmentThey do believe that the resources they obtain from the nature are the most scared and valuable above the others. Further it should be shared, protected by all human kind for present needs and future. Hence in SMI Engineering, from senior management to operational level, all members are informed about their responsibility of implementing environmental friendly initiatives in all their activities.

They always share their view with the clients and suppliers and perceive the importance of the environmental friendly approaches.

Their commitment is to;

  • Reduce pollution
  • Effectively use of natural resources
  • Minimizing wasting
  • Maximizing re-using and re-cycling